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Spencer Kirk-Jackson

When I was a child, glass blowing seemed like magic, now as an adult and a glass blower it is no less magic than it was thirty years ago. No other material is quite like glass in its molten form, it is the magic of liquid fire. That magic continues to drive my passion with this medium.

Scalloped whisp w/ blue lip wave plate

Shell Plate




Batik Vases

Fluid Lavender

Fluid LavenderSOLD

Blue Sky

Blue Sky

Uhrika (Uh-ri-ka)

Keep It Spinning - Spencer Kirk-Jackson at Work

The Uhrika series is a coming together of different cultures and eras. Influenced by the work of American abstractionists of the 1960’s and 70’s led to the creation of canvases of shapes and color. The surrealists of post World War II Europe gave a voice of texture, line and symbolism to the surface.

Cream Mini Uhrika

Cream Mini Urhika


Blue Mini Uhrika